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Großer Kreuzer 1899 - 1920  Victoria Louise  Class

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1899:   Hansa is transferred to Kiel for final consturction.
20.04.1899:   Commissioned.
06.06.1899:   During trials, the ship runs aground in heavy fog. With only minor damages, the ship is returned to Kiel by the coast defence ships Aegir and Odin .
16.08.1899:   Send to South-East Asia.
31.08-04.09.1899:   Visit to Haifa.
29.09-07.10.1899:   Arrival in Colombo. Due to several engine breakdowns and exhaustion of the engine crew, the ship must do a stop.
13.10.1899:   Arrival in Singapore.
17.10.1899:   After a boiler explosion, the ship has to return to Singapore.
20.02.1900:   Hansa leaves Singapore heading for Tsingtau.
15.03.1900:   Arrival in Tsingtau.
07.06.1900:   Because of the Boxer upspring, Hansa sails to the Taku river.
17.06.1900:   Landing troops from the Hansa join the forces to attack the Taku fort.
August 1900:   Operations against costal forts.
October 1900:   Visit to Nagasaki.
30.12.1900-05.03.1901:   Repairs in Hong Kong.
31.03.1901:   Sent to Australia to represent Germany during celebrations of the founding of the Commonwealth of Australia.
01.05.1901:   Arrival in Melburne.
18.05.1901:   Visit to Sydney.
19.06.1901:   Return to Tsingtau.
Nov 1902:   Visit to Nanking.
Apr 1903:   Participation in the fleet parade at Kobe.
27.12.1903-Jan 1904:   Repairs in Uraga.
1904:   During the Russian-Japanese war, the Hansa tranports Germans from Seoul, Port Arthur and Dalny to Tsingtau.
20.05.1906:   Hansa tows the NDL steamer Roon to Nagasaki, which has run agaround at Kotushima.
04.07.1906:   Ordered back to Germany.
26.10.1906:   Decommissioned in Danzig.
Apr 1907 - Mar 1909:   Reconstruction, one funnel removed, armamet modified.
01.04.1909:   Recommissioned as cadet training ship.
23.08.1909-15.03.1910:   Training voyage to the Mediterranian.
23.08.1910-14.03.1911:   Training voyage to the Careebian Sea and east coast of the USA.
26.08.1911-07.03.1912:   Training voyage to the USA.
03-15.07.1912:   Visit to St. Petersburg.
30.08.1912-11.03.1913:   Training voyage to the Careebian Sea and east coast of the USA.
11.08.1913-17.03.1914:   Training voyage to the Mediterranian.
12.08.1914:   Attached to the 5th Reconaisacne group.
27.08-21.10.1914:   Patrol duties in the Baltic Sea.
22-28.10.1914:   Repairs in Danzig.
16.11.1914:   Decommissioned in Kiel because of lack of personal and only small military value of the ship.
1915-1919:   Used as floating barrack for torpedo boat crews.
06.12.1919:    Stricken from list of warships.
1920:   Scrapped  in Audorf.

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