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Kreuzer IV. Klasse 1892 - 1921  Bussard  Class

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23.02.1892:  Because of high water in the Elbe river, the Condor launched itself earlier on the planned launch day.
09.12.1892:  Transferred to Willemshaven for completion.
15.12.1892:  Training and trials.
02.10.1894:  Condor is sent to East Africa to replace the gunboat Möwe .
15.12 .1884-01.01.1895:  Operations at Lourenco Marques.
20.06.1893:  Repairs and maintenance in Durban.
Jan 1896:  Operations at Lourenco Marques.
14-16.06.1896:  Sent to the Seychells for crew holidays.
26.08 - 25.11.1896:  Stationed in Cape Town.
11.12.1896-02.02.1897:  Operations at Lourenco Marques.
- 1901:  Operations in East Africa and the South American east coast.
03.01.1901:  Sent back to Germany.
06.03.1901:  Condor assists the German steam ship Mawska in the North Sea.
1903:  Send to South East Asia to replace the Cormoran .

Arrival in Singapore.

Jul - Sep 1904:  Operations at the Samoa Islands to fight an upspring.
Apr - May 1905:  Repairs in Sydney.
30.08 - 14.09.1905:  Visit to Honolulu
09.03 - 16.05.1907:  Repairs in Sydney.
10.03 - 18.05.1908:  Repairs in Sydney.
Sep - Oct 1908:  Operations against rebels on the Marshall Islands.
Spring 1909:  Operations in Apia.

Aug 1909: 

Unsuccessful search for the missing gouvernment steam ship Seestern .
Jul 1910:  Joins East Asia squadron of Scharnhorst , Nürnberg and Emden .
Jan 1911:  Fight against rebels at Ponape together with Emden and Cormoran .
20.05 - 01.10.1911:  Repairs in Tsingtau.
Nov 1911:  Sent to the Palau Islands
01.03 - 18.04.1912:  Repairs in Sydney.
May 1913:  After a ground collision the ship was declared as too much used.
Nov 1913:  Ordered back to Germany. On its way back, the Condor assits the beached steamer Zanzibar at the coast of Marocco.
30.03.1914:  Decommissioned in Danzig.
1916:  Used as mine hulk in Friedrichsort.
08.04.1921:  Sold for scrap.

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  Thanks to:  Lars Burkhard for making the Condor drawing  D. Castel