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Aviso 1896 - 1914  

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03.05.1896:  Engine trials. Due to engine problems, several trials are required.
19.09.1896:  Decomissioned and put into reserve status.
10.03.1898:  Commissiond as aviso for the 1. division of the 1. Squadron.
14.06-31.07.1898:  Used as escort of the Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern on its nordic voyage.
17.09-08.12.1898:  Together with the armored cruiser Herta , the Hela escorts the Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern on its voyage to Palestine.
1899:  Participation in the Atlantic voyage of the 1. Squadron.
Jun-Jul 1889:  Escort of the Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern to Scandinavia.
28.08.1899:  Hela damages one prop in Neufahrwasser.
-04.09.1899:  Repairs in Kiel.
Sep 1899:  Escort of the Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern to Sweden.
17-30.11.1899:  Together with the battleship Friedrich III , the Hela escorts the Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern on its voyage to England.
Dec 1899:  Participation in the Skagerak voyage of the 1. Squadron.
04.07.1900:  Sent to South East Asia.
Aug 1900:  Arrival in China.
Nov 1900: 

Operations at Wusung.

Dec 1900:  Operations at Jangtse and Shanghai.
Jan 1901:  Operations at Tschingkiang.
Feb-Mar 1901:  Operations at Shangahi and Tsingtau.
01.06.1901:  Together with Linienschiff-Division, the Hela sails back to Germany.
11.08.1901:  Arrival in Wilhlemshaven.
26.08-16.09.1901:  Participation in the Autumn fleet excercises.
May 1902:  Hela escorts the damaged cruiser Amazone back to Kiel.


Reconstruction in Kiel, as the ship has been shown as too weakly armed for the role of a fleet cruiser.
31.01.1903:  Used in its new role as training ship for smaller guns.
25.04.1903:  Decomissioned because of the bad boiler conditions.
-1910:  Boilers are replaced, a second funnel is installed.
01.10.1910:  Commisisoned as fleet tender.
14-18.10.1910:  Trials.
29-30.03.1911:  During a night excercise, Hela rams the torpedo boat S121 . Both ships are slightly damaged.
05.09.1911:  After a fleet parade, Hela transports the Austrian-Hungarian fleet commander to Helgoland and Wilhlemshaven.
01.04.1912:  Relocated to Kiel.

Aug 1914: 

After the outbreak of World War I, Hela is used for patrol duties in the German Beight as part of the IV. Reconnaisance group.
13.09.1914:  Hela is torpedoed by the British submarine E9 on its way from Helgoland to Wilhlemshaven. The ship sinks after 25 minutes, all but two crew memeber could get rescued.