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Kanonenboot 1903 - 1917  

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15.09.1903:  Commissioned.
Sep 1903:  Trials, decommissioned and remained at the Vulcan shipyard as material reserve for the other boats of the class.
Spring 1910:  Recommissioned, sent to Wilhelmshaven.
14.04.1910:  Sent to West Africa.
14.07.1910:  Arrived in Duala, Cameroon.
since summer 1910:  Colonial services in several West African ports.
07.01.1911-06.03.1911:  Repairs in Cadiz, Spain.
Jun - Nov 1911:  Operating off the coast of Morocco.
Jan 1912:  Eber returns to Duala.
Mar 1912:  Voyage to South Africa.
29.03.1912:  Arrived in Cape Town.
Aug - Sep 1912:  Expedition into the Congo river.
Nov 1912:  Together with the Panther and small cruiser Bremen , the Eber is sent to Monrovia to protect German citizens and interests.
Feb 1913:  Returned to Duala.
May- Jun 1913:  Sent back to Germany for repairs in Wilhelmshaven.
25.06.1913:  Sent to West Africa again.
Spring 1914:  Surveys in the Gulf of Guinea.
Jul 1914:  Repairs in Cape Town.
30.07.1914:  Because of the war threat in Europe, the Eber is ordered back to Germany.
02.08.1914:  Arrived in the Lüderitzbay. The Eber is ordered to cross the Atlantic to South America and equip a ship as an auxiliary cruiser.
20.08.1914:  Arrived at the Island of Trinidada, 900 miles off the Brazilian coast.
23.08.1914:  The Eber's guns are mounted on the German passenger ship Cap Trafalger which is taken over by most of the Eber crew.
14.09.1914:  The disarmed Eber arrives at Bahia, Brazil. With a crew of 15 the ship stays in the neutral country.
26.10.1917:  After Brazil entered the war on allied side, the Eber is set on fire and scuttled by its remaining crew .

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