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Z11 Bernd von Arnim

Zerstörer 1938 - 1940  Zerstörer 1934A  Class

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01.09.1939:   Together with the cruisers Köln , Leipzig , Nürnberg and other destroyers operations in the Danzig Beight.
13.09.1939:   Together with Friedrich Eckold, Theodor Riedel  and the mine layers  Cobra, Hansestadt Danzig, Kaiser,  and Roland , the Bernd von Arnim lays the mine field "b" MARTHA-EINS in the North Sea. 960 Mines are laid during this operation, 240 from Bernd von Arnim .

Raid to intercept Britain - Scandinavia trade together with battleship Gneisenau , CL Köln and destroyers Wilhlem Heidkamp ,  Erich Steinbrinck ,  Diether von Roeder ,  Theodor Riedel ,  Paul Jakobi,   Max SchulzFriedrich Ihn and Friedrich Eckoldt . No results.

17-18.11.1939:   Mine laying operations together with the destroyers Wilhlem Heidkamp and Hermann Künne against the Themse estuary. The returning ships are escorted by the light cruisers Nürnberg and Köln and the torpedo boats Iltis ,  Leopard , and Seeadler .
06-07.12.1939:   Mine laying operation with Erich Giese and Hans Lody against Cromer. During the operation, the German destroyers attack the British destroyers Juno and Jersey , damaging the Jersey with a torpedo fired from Erich Giese .
07.04.1940:   Operation Weserübung: Bernd von Arnim  joins the destroyers Georg Thiele , Wolfgang Zenker , Anton Schmitt , Erich Giese , Erich Koellner , Diether von Roeder , Hans Lüdemann , Hermann Künne and Wilhlem Heidkamp in the Narvik Attack Group.
09.04.1940:   Operation Weserübung. Together with Wilhlem Heidkamp  the  Bernd von Arnim sinks the Norwegian coast defence ships Norge and Eidsvold with torpedo hits at Narvik.
13.04.1940:   Operation Weserübung: After running out of fuel and ammunition, the destroyer is scuttled in the Rombarksbotten.

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  Thanks to:  John J Markowski