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Zerstörer 1940 - 1944  Zerstörer 1936A  Class

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21-24.03.1941:   Transfer of Z23 and Z24 to Bergen.
26-27.03.1941:   Z23 and Z24 escort the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper on its way back from the North Atlantik to Germany from Bergan to the Skagerak.
30.03-01.04.1941:   The destroyers Z23 and Z24 and the torpedo boat Iltis escort the heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer on its way back from the North Atlantik to Germany from Norway to Germany.
10-14.06.1941:   Hans Lody , Friedrich Eckold , Karl Galster , Z23 and Z24 escort the damaged cruiser Lützow (airborne torpedo hit) back to Germany.
16-19.06.1941:   Destroyers Z23 and Z24 are transferred to Brest.
20-22.07.1941:   The 5th destroyer flotilla of Erich Steinbrinck , Friedrich Ihn , Bruno Heinemann , Z23 and Z24 is sent from La Pallice to Brest. On their way back, they escort the battleship Scharnhorst on its way to La Pallice.
24-27.07.1941:   The 5th destroyer flotilla consisting of Erich Steinbrinck , Friedrich Ihn , Bruno Heinemann , Z23 and Z24 escort the bomb damaged battleship Scharnhorst from La Pallice to Brest.
21-23.08.1941:   Erich Steinbrinck , Bruno Heinemann , Z23 and Z24 meet the auxiliary cruiser Orion in the Biskay and escort it to France.
23-26.10.1941:   Z23 and Z24 are sent back to Germany.
09-21.11.1941:   Z24 and Z26 are transferred to North-Norway.
16-18.12.1941:   Operations of Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 against the Kola coast. After a battle against the British MTB Hazard and Speedy (hit 4 times), the destroyers return to their base.
26.12.1941:   The 8.Z-Flotilla, constiting of Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 sails out of the Ofotfjord.
27.12.1941:   Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 operate at the Lofoten.
03-04.01.1942:   Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 escort the Adolf Lüderitz from Tromsö to Kirkenes.
13-14.01.1942:   Mine operation of Z23 , Z24 and Z25 at Cape Kacovskij in the White Sea.
20.01.1942:   The transfer of Z23 , Z24 and Z25 from Kirkenes to Tromsö is canceled after Z23 and Z24 were damaged after running aground.
27-28.01.1942:   Z23 , Z24 and Z25 are sent from Kirkenses to Tromsö.
29.01-02.02.1942:   Z24 and Z25 return to Germany.
18-21.03.1942:   The destroyers Z24 , Z26 , Z30 and the torpedo boats T11 , T15 and T16 escort the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper to Trondheim.
25-27.03.1942:   Z24 , Z25 and Z26 are relocated to Kirkenes.
28-29.03.1942:   Operation of Z24 , Z25 and Z26 against the convoy PQ13:
After the loss of Z26 and rescue of its crew, the remaining destroyers have a short battle with the British destroyer Oribi and the Soviet destroyers Sokrusitelnyj and Gremjascyj .
11-15.04.1942:   Unsuccessfull attempt of Hermann Schoemman , Z24 and Z25 to attack the convoy PQ14.
11-12.05.1942:   Z24 and Z25 escort the tender Tanga from Kirkenes to Narvik.
03-06.07.1942:   Operation Rösselsprung:
In a major operation of the battleship Tirpitz and the heavy cruisers Admiral Scheer , Lützow and Admiral Hipper against the allied convoy PQ17, several destroyers and torpedo boats escort the capital ships: Friedrich Ihn , Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Theodor Riedel , Richard Beitzen , Friedrich Eckoldt , Erich Steinbrinck , Z24 , Z27 , Z28 , Z29 , Z30 , T7 and T15 . The operation is cancelled, but the convoy is heaviely attacked by U-boats and the Luftwaffe.
08-10.07.1942:   Covered by the destroyers Friedrich Ihn and Z24 and the torpedo boats T7 and T15 the heavy cruiser Lützow transfers to Trondheim. 
14-15.07.1942:   Mine laying operation in the North Sea by light cruiser Köln and destroyers Friedrich Ihn , Friedrich Eckoldt and Z24 .
15-17.07.1942:   Friedrich Ihn and Z24 return to Germany.
:   To be continued...

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