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Zielschiff 1905 - 1950  

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19.09.1905:   Hessen is commissioned.
04.03.1906:   Attached to the 2nd Battleship Squadron.
Jul - Aug 1906:   Summer voyage to Norway, landing operation drills at Eckernförde.
Sep 1906:   Autumn fleet excercises.
Nov 1906:   Excercises in the North Sea.
Jul - Aug 1907:   Summer voyage to the North and Baltic Sea.
Summer 1908:   Summer voyage to the Canary Islands.
Summer 1909:   Summer voyage to El Ferrol.
Summer 1910:   Summer voyage to Norway.
Autumn 1911:   During the autumn fleet excercises, the Hessen ramms and sink the Danish steamer Askesund .
Feb 1912:   Ice emergency services in the Baltic Sea,
Summer 1912:   During the sumer voyage, the Hessen ramms and sinks the torpedo boat G110 in a simulated torpedo attack. Three crew memebers of the torpedo boat are killed.
Summer 1913:   Summer voyage to Norway.
Summer 1914:   Summer voyage to Norway.
26.10.1914:   Hessen runs aground in the Kiel Canal.
15-16.12.1914:   Operation in the North Sea.
22.02-06.03.1915:   Repairs in Kiel.
18.03-01.04.1915:   Training excercises in the Baltic Sea.
17-18.05.1915:   Operation in the North Sea.
29-30.05.1915:   Operation in the North Sea.
04-26.06.1915:   Refits in Kiel, additional oil firing is added to boilders.
11-12.09.1915:   Operation in the North Sea.
23-24.10.1915:   Operation in the North Sea.
06-23.12.1915:   Repairs in Wilhelmshaven.
25.12.1915-20.01.1916:   Training excercises in the Baltic Sea.
22.01-15.03.1916:   Repairs in Hamburg.
-Apr 1916:   Costal defence duty.
24-25.04.1916:   Operation in the North Sea.
26.04-01.05.1916:   Refiets, additional anti-ballon guns are installed.
31.05-01.06.1916:   Battle of Jutland: Hessen returns undamaged.
18.11.1916:   Hessen assists the König Albert which has run aground near Krautsand.
Dec 1916:   Used as target ship in the Baltic Sea.
12.12.1916:   Decommissioned.
05.01.1925:   Recommissioned.
Jun 1925:   Voyage to Norway.
Autumn 1925:   Autumn fleet excercises.
Jan 1926:   Ice emergency services in the eastern Baltic Sea, voyage to Libau and Riga.
12.05-19.06.1926:   Voyage to Spain.
28.03-18.06.1927:   Atlantic voyage to the Carary Islands and Portugal.
Jul 1927:   First visit to Danzig after WW1.
Jul 1928:   Visit to Norway.
18.04-09.05.1929:   Voyage to Spain.
30.08-05.09.1929:   Visit to Stockholm.
03.04-16.06.1930:   Participation in fleet voyate to the Mediterranian.
18-19.04.1931:   Fleet day in Swinemünde.
15.06-03.07.1931:   Visit to Norway.
1932:   Visits to Visby, Oslo and Danzig.
1933:   Visit to Reval.
Jul 1934:   Visit to Bergen and Sognefjord.
12.11.1934:   Decommissioned in Wilhlemshaven.
11.04.1935:   Reconstruction as radio controlled target ship: Two funnels, masts and guns are removed.
01.04.1937:   Used as target ship.
30.08.1937:   First operational use as target ship for the light cruiser Leipzig .
02.01.1946:   After World War II, the Hessen is taken over by the Soviet Union. The ship and its control boat Blitz are renamed to Tsel and Wystrel .
early 1960s:   Tsel is taken out of service and most likly scrapped.

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  Thanks to:  A. Kyd-Rebenburg