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Torpedoboot 1941 - 1943  Torpedoboot 1937  Class

   Ship Info   History   Operations   Technical Data   1:1250 Model 
29.01-03.02.1942:   T13 , T15 and T17 transfer to Rotterdam.
08-11.02.1942:   T13 , T15 and T17 are relocated to Dunkirk.
12-13.02.1942:   Operation "Cerberus": On board of Z29 , the "Füher der Zerstöer" and the destroyers Richard Beitzen , Paul Jakobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn, Z25 and the torpedo boats T2T4 , T4 , T11 , T12 , T13 , T15 , T16 , T17 Seeadler , Kondor , Jaguar , Falke and iescort the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the Channel from Brest ot Germany.
18-21.03.1942:   The destroyers Z24 , Z26 , Z30 and the torpedo boats T11 , T15 and T16 escort the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper to Trondheim.
03-06.07.1942:   Operation Rösselsprung:
In a major operation of the battleship Tirpitz and the heavy cruisers Admiral Scheer , Lützow and Admiral Hipper against the allied convoy PQ17, several destroyers and torpedo boats escort the capital ships: Friedrich Ihn , Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Theodor Riedel , Richard Beitzen , Friedrich Eckoldt , Erich Steinbrinck , Z24 , Z27 , Z28 , Z29 , Z30 , T7 and T15 . The operation is cancelled, but the convoy is heaviely attacked by U-boats and the Luftwaffe.
08-10.07.1942:   Covered by the destroyers Friedrich Ihn and Z24 and the torpedo boats T7 and T15 the heavy cruiser Lützow transfers to Trondheim. 
09-11.08.1942:   T7, T9 , T12 and T15 escort the heavy cruiser Lützow on its way back to Germany.
:   To be continued.

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