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Schlachtkreuzer 1912 - 1974  Moltke  Class

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June 1912:   Tests and trials.
02.07.1912:   Goeben is commissioned.
29.08 - 24.09.1912:   Participation in autumn fleet manouvers.
01.11.1912:   Part of the Mediterranean Division.
Spring 1913:   Operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
21.08 - 16.10.1913:   Repairs in Pola.
Jan - May 1914:   Visit to Italy and the Adriatic Sea.
10-27.07.1914:   Repairs in Pola.
04.08.1914:   Coastal bombardment of Philippeville while on the way to the Dardanelles.
07.08.1914:   Battle with British CL Glouchester .
10.08.1914:   Arrived at Constantinopel, ship sold to Turkey but still operated by the German crew.
16.08.1914:   Renamed to Jawus Sultan Selim.
29.10.1914:   Coastal bombardment of Sevastopol, on the return to Turkey, battle with three Russian destroyers and the Minelayer Prut . The Prut was scuttled by its own crew and the flagship of the 4th destroyer flotilla Leitenant Pushchin was heavily damaged by Goebens gunfire.
18.11.1914:   Bombardment of the Crimea peninsula (Battle off Sarych Cape), battle with parts of the Russian Black Sea fleet including the BB Svjatoj-Evstafij and four other battleships. Jawus Sultan Selim is hit once, the Russian BB is damaged by three hits.
26.12.1914:   Hit by two mines while entering the Bosporus
13.01.1915:   Raid into the Black Sea.
27.01.1915:   Raid into the Black Sea.
07.02.1915:   Raid into the Black Sea.
-28.03.1915:   Repairs.
02-03.04.1915:   Raid in the Black Sea, two Russian merchant ship sunk.
09.05.1915:   Raid in the Black Sea.
10.05.1915:   Goeben engages the Russian Black Sea Fleet consisting of the battleships Svjatoj-Evstafij and Ioann Zlatoust while they attack coastal forts in the Bosporus. Jawus Sultan Selim is hit three times.
07.01.1916:   Battle with Russian battleship Imperatrica Ekaterina II . The battle lasted for 11 minutes.
03-06.07.1916:   Bombardment of Tuapse and Sochi. Exiting the Bosporus, the battlecruiser is surprised by the Russian battleships Imperatrisa Ekaterina Velikaya , Paimat Merkuria , two submarines and two additional battleships further away. Due to tactical mistakes of the Russian commander, the Jawus Sultan Selim escaped unharmed.
20.01.1918:   Operation against British troop transports in the Mediterranean. One mine early in the operation. Jawus Sultan Selim sinks the British monitors Raglan and M28 at Imbros. Operation is canceled after two additional mine hits. On its way back to Turkey, the ship is attacked by British aircraft, hit twice and runs aground.
26.01.1918:   Ship is afloat again.
02.05.1918:   Jawus Sultan Selim enters Sevastopol harbor. First possibility to dock the ship in four years.
07-14.06.1918:   Repairs at Sevastopol.
27.06.1918:   Sent to Novorossijsk.
02.11.1918:   Taken over by Turkish crew.
1919-26:   Not operational.
1926-1930:   Modernized by French shipbuilders, recommissioned as Jawus Selim .
1936:   Renamed to Yavuz .
-1941:   Mainmast is removed, 28cm gun mountings are modernized.
since 1948:   Used as immobile training ship at Ismir.
07.06.1963:   Removed from Turkish Navy lists.
1963:   Sales negotiations with Germany fail.
1974:   Ship is broken down.

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