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Revell (1:125) U-Boot Typ VII

The most build German U-boat during World War II  

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Contruction Data

Laid down:     Schichau Danzig, 30.05.1942
Commissioned:     15.05.1943
Fate:     Sunk on 09.09.1944 at 55.38N, 07.26W.

Technical Data

Size:     769 t (871 submerged)
Length:     66,60 m
Beam:     6,20 m
Diving Depth:     280 m
Armament:     4 x bow 53,3 cm torpedo tubes; 1 x stern 53,3 torpedo tube
  14 torpedoes or 39 mines; 1 x 8,8 cm, 1 x 3,7 cm, 2 x 2 cm
Performance:     2800-3200 hp (diesel), 750 hp (battery) 
  Speed: 17,7 kn (7,6 kn submerged) 
  Range: 8500 miles at 10 kn (130 miles at 2 kn submerged)


This U-boat model is some kind of special, it was a birthday present of my former colleages. They wanted to get a model of U743 (it had to be this special boat, there is a long story behind that....). Of course there is no kit of this boat available, and I would have like to see them trying to get this boat in a hobby shop :)

What I got was a Revell kit of U47, one with the boat interiour in it, but since it is of the same Type VIIC as U743, we just think that this boat is the wanted one.

Building the boat gave some mixeed feelings, if you look at the interiour of the model it is as correct as the inside of a toaster, a real German U-boat looks much different inside. But no complains, it was a surpriseing gift and of course I had to bring it in the office after it was completed to show it to my colleagues.

A few words about the Type VII history:

With over 650 boats build, the Type VII was the most important submarine in the German Kriegsmarine. Built between 1936 and 1944 those boats mainly operated in the North Atlantic, and were known for the so called "Rudeltaktik" - a simultaneous night attack of several surfaces U-Boats on allied convoys. Besides torpedo attacks they could also be used for mine laying and were well known for their maneuverability and fast diving speed. Shortly after the introduction of the first model a improved version with a better maneuverability (Type VIIB) was built. The most built variant was the Type VIIC whose variant Type VIIC/41 was made of thicker steel to increase the diving depth. Other variants include the mine laying Type VIID and the torpedo supply variant Type VIIF. Today, one of those boats, U995 , is on display in Laboe, Germany.

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