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Kreuzer IV. Klasse 1890 - 1913  Bussard  Class

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07.10-23.12.1890:  First trials.
01.05.1891:  Bussard is commissioned.
15.08.1891:  The ship is sent to South East Asia.
13.12.1891:  Arrival in Sydney.
31.12.1891:  The Bussard reaches its destination Samoa.
17.02-01.04.1892:  Repairs in Auckland.
25.04.1892:  Police operations in Nusa.
06.08-16.09.1892:  Repairs in Sydney.
18.01-23.03.1893:  Repairs in Auckland.
14.06.1893:  Police operations in Samoa
Nov 1893:  Repairs in Auckland.
24.03.1984:  Bussard meets with gun boat Sperber in Sydney.
15.05.1894:  Arrival in Apia, followed by police operations.
11.12.1894-12.02.1895:  Repairs in Auckland.
17.03.1895:  Meeting with the gunboats Sperber and Möwe in Sydney.
26.06.1895:  Arival in Apia, cartography operations.
30.01-01.05.1896:  Repairs in Sydney.
- Jul 1896: 

Operations in the South Pacific.

27.07-Aug 1896:  Stationed in Apia.
Jan 1897:  Repairs in Auckland.
Feb-Mar 1897:  Visit to Sydney.
Jun 1897:  Visit to Sydney.
Sep-Oct 1897:  Visit to Auckland.
Nov 1897-Feb 1898:  Police operations in the Bismarck archipelago.
May-Sep 1898:  Operations in the Marshal Islands.
18.11.1898:  Ordered back to Germany.
09.04.1899:  Arrival in Kiel.
20.04.1899:  Decommissioned in Danzig.
-Jun 1900:  Modernisations, one mast is removed.
26.06.1900:  Recommissioned.
10.07.1900:  Together with 4 Linienschiffe of the Brandenburg Class, the Bussard is sent to China. During the journey, the Bussard has to stop in Aden because of engine repairs
04.09.1900:  Arrival in Singapore.
-Sep 1901:  Operations at the chinese coast.
19.09-04.12.1901:  Repairs in Nagasaki.
19.12.1901:  Arrival in Hong Kong.
03.01-Apr 1902:  Operations in Nederlands-India.
09-28.04.1902:  Visit to Hong Kong.
Apr 1903:  Stationed at the Jantsekiang river.
23.04.1903:  Arrival in Tsingtau.
24.06-31.08.1903:  Visit to Kobe, Yokohama, Hakodate and Wladiwostok.
-Sep 1903:  Stationed at the Jantsekiang river.
29.09.1903:  Arrival in Tsingtau.
-Apr 1904:  Operations South East Asia.
12.04.1904:  Ordered to East Africa.
30.06.1904:  Arrival in Daressalam.
13.07-31.08.1904:  Operations in Mombasa.
13.07-31.08.1904:  Operations in Mozabique and Sansibar.
Feb-03.04.1905:  Repairs in Cape Town.
25.04-21.06.1905:  Unsuccessful attempt to rescue the beached steamer Regina .
03-13.08.1905:  Operations at the Rufiji river. Bussard transports German troops.
-Oct 1905:  Together with the unprotrcted cruier Seeadler , the Bussard is ued for troop transports and support operations in the area of Daressalam.
16.10.1905:   Transfer of German troops to Kiswere.
09.12.1905-Jan 1906:  Repairs at Daressalam.
-May 1906:   Operations in East Africa.
11.05-18.06.1906:   Repairs in Cape Town.
-Feb 1907:   Operations in East Africa.
17.02-16.03.1907:   Repairs in Cape Town.
12.05-17.06.1908:   Repairs in Durban.
16.11-28.12.1908:   Repairs in Cape Town.
10.9-16.10.1909:   Repairs in Cape Town, after that the ship returns to Daressalam.
14.12.1909:   The ship is ordered back to Germany because of its general state.
26.02.1910:   Arrival in Kiel.
12.03.1910:   Decommissioned in Danzig.
25.10.1912:   Stricken form fleet lists
1913:  Sold and scrapped.

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