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Kanonenboot 1899 - 1914  

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04.04-25.05.1899:   Tests and trials.
01.06.1899:   Sent to East-Asia via the Mediterranian. On its way, the Jaguar is ordered to detach to the newly owned Carolin- Maran- and Palau Islands to "show the flag".
13-29.09.1899:   Arrival in Herbertshöhe on Neu-Pommern, the capital of the Bismark-Islands.
13.10.1899:   Stop at Ponape on the Carolin Islands.
03.11.1899:   Arrival at Jap on Palau Islands.
17.11.1899:   Last stop in Saipan on the Marian Islands.

Arrival in Shanghai for repairs.

04.01.1900:   Arrival in Tsingtau.
Feb-Mar 1900:   Operations on the Jangtsekiang river.
Apr-May 1900:   Visit to Japan.
Jun 1900:   Operations at the Taku fortification.
23.10.1900:   Ordered back to Tsingtau
20.12.1900-04.01.1901:   Patrols near Shanghai.
-Jun 1901:   Together with the gunboat Luchs , the Jaguar operates at Kanton and the Gulf of Tongking.
Jul-Aug 1901:   Visit to several japanese harbors.
-Feb 1902:   Operations at the Gulf of Tschili.
Mar 1902:   Repairs in Nagasaki.
Sep-Dec 1902:   Stationed in Tsingtau.
Dec 1902 - Jun 1903:   Operations at the Gulf of Tschili including geographical surveys.
08.06.1903-21.03.1904:   Stationed in Tsingtau.
Feb 1904 - Dec 1904:   Send to Tschmulpo during the Russian-Japanese War.
Apr-May 1905:   Repairs in Tsingtau.
Nov-Dec 1905:   Visit to Japan.
Dec 1906:   Send to Shanghai.
15.10.1908-27.12.1908:   Sent to the Karoline-Islands.
-12.03.1909:   Operations the Marianas and Karoline Islands.
28.03.1909:   Jaguar meets the small cruisers Leipzig and Arcona at the Samoa-Islands to operate against an upspring.
21.12.1910-25.02.1911:   Landing operations in Hankau.
- 28.04.1912:   Operations together with other warships of several nations to assist the fightings in China.
- Jun 1912:   Based in Tsingtau.
Feb 1914:   Run aground on the Yangtse river.
19.07.1914:   Ordered back to Tsingtau.
31.07.1914:   Planned repairs in Shanghai had to be stopped early because of the outbreak of World War I.
- 04.08.1914:   Escape from Shanghai to Tsingtau, the Jaguar is not detected by British ships near Shanghai. In Tsingtau, the ship is used for patrol and guard duties.
04.10.1914:   Gun hit in the bow.
06-07.11.1914:   Before the surrender of Tsingtau, Jaguar is blown up and scuttled.

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  Thanks to:  Modified drawing by Lars Burkhard