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Großes Torpedoboot 1918Mob

The last class of Grosse Torpedoboote designed in WW1  

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Torpedoboot S178 of the Großes Torpedoboot 1918M Class

The Divisionstorpedoboote of the 1918 Mob class were the last of the Große Torpedoboote (=destroyers) laid down in Germany in World War I. Being modified designs of the Großes Torpedoboot (Design 1916), over 50 of those boats were ordered, 33 were laid down, but none of them was completed as a warship.

In difference to their predecessors, the boats build at Vulcan and Howaldtswerke Kiel returned to the 10,5 cm guns, all boats had the smaller but well known 50 cm torpedo tubes. The design of those influenced the first torpedo boats and destroyer constructions in Germany after World War I as well.

Only four of the boats were ever completed - but not as warships. Two were completed as four mast sailing ships which served under various names in the following years. Two other were completed as transport ships, which both beached in the 1930s.