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Z5 Paul Jakobi

Zerstörer 1937 - 1958  Zerstörer 1934A  Class

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07.04.1940:   Operation Weserübung: Paul Jakobi joins the destroyers Friedrich Eckold, Bruno Heinemann, and Theodor Riedel in the Trondheim Attack Group.
25-28.07.1940:   Transfer of the damaged Gneisenau back to Germany, the battleship is escorted by light cruiser Nürnberg and the destroyers Hans Lody , Paul Jakobi , Friedrich Ihn and Karl Galster, the torpedo boats Iltis , Jaguar , Kondor , Luchs and T5 .
14-15.08.1940:   Together with the destroyer Karl Galster and the torpedo boats Falke , Iltis , Jaguar , Kondor , T5 and T7 , the Paul Jakobi  escorts the mine layers CorbaRoland and Tanneberg while laying the mine field SW2. The mine layers carry 600 mines.
31.08-02.09.1940:   Mine laying operation SW3. Together with the destroyers Erich Steinbrinck and Karl Galster and the torpedo boats Falke , Greif , Iltis , Jaguar , T5 , T6 , T7 and T8 thePaul Jakobi escorts the mine layers Corba , Roland and Tannenberg . The mine layers carry about 600 mines.
22-23.09.1940:   Transferred to Brest.
28-29.09.1940:   Mine laying operation at Falmouth Bay together with the destroyers Friedrich Eckold, Theodor Riedel , Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Paul Jakobi , Friedrich Ihn and Erich Steinbrinck .
05-07.11.1940:   Paul Jakobi , Theodor Riedel , Friedrich Eckold , Erich Steinbrinck and Friedrich Ihn are returned to Germany.
14-17.01.1942:   The destroyers Richard Beitzen , Bruno Heinemann , Paul Jakobi and Z29 escort the battleship Tirpitz to the Trondheimfjord.
18-20.01.1942:   Richard Beitzen , Bruno Heinemann , Paul Jakobi and Z29 return to Germany.
24-26.01.1942:   Transfer of Richard Beitzen , Bruno Heinemann, Paul Jakobi  and Herman Schoemann to Le Havre.   Bruno Heinemann is lost during the tranfer because of two mine hits.
27-28.01.1942:   Richard Reitzen and Paul Jacobi are send to Brest.
04.02.1942:   During gunnery drills, the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen is escorted by Richard Reitzen and Paul Jacobi.
12-13.02.1942:   Operation "Cerberus": On board of Z29 , the "Füher der Zerstöer" and the destroyers Richard Beitzen , Paul Jakobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn, Z25 and the torpedo boats T2T4 , T4 , T11 , T13 , T15 , T16 , T17 Seeadler , Kondor , Jaguar , Falke and iescort the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the Channel from Brest ot Germany.
21-23.02.1942:   Richard Beitzen , Paul Jacobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn , Z25 and the torpedo boat Jaguar escort the heavy cruisers Prinz Eugen and Admiral Scheer on their way to Bergen.
23-24.02.1942:   Transfer of the 5th destroyer flotilla consiting of Richard Beitzen , Paul Jacobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn and Z25 to Trondheim.
06.03.1942:   Paul Jakobi and T12 join the Arctic Sea operation of battleship Tirpitz with additional escorts Friedrich Ihn , Hermann Schoemann , Z25 , T5 .
16-18.05.1942:   Paul Jakobi , Z25 , T11 and T12 escort the damaged cruiser Prinz Eugen back to Germany.

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