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Torpedoboot 1939 - 1946  Torpedoboot 1935  Class

   Ship Info   History   Operations   Technical Data   1:1250 Model 
09.12.1939:   T2 is commissioned.
07-08.08.1940:   Together with the torpedo boats Falke , Kondor, Jaguar, T7 and T8 , the T2 escorts the mine layers Cobra , Roland and Brumer while laying the mine field SW1. The mine layers carry over 600 mines. 
09-10.08.1940:   The torpedo boats T2 , T7 and T8 escort the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper near Stavanger.
06-07.09.1940:   The destroyer Karl Galster and the torpedo boats Falke , Greif , Ilits , Jaguar , Kondor , T1 , T2 and T3 excecute a mine laying operation in the south western North Sea.

Seeadler , Iltis , T1 , T2 and T3 escort the mine layers Brummer , Skagerak and Stralsund to Le Havre.

09.12.1941:   Escorted by the torpedo boats Kondor and T2 , the Theodor Riedel is transferred to Norway. The destroyer is damaged after running agound.
15.08.1941:   T2 , T4 , T5 , T7, T8 , T11 and T12 are attached to newly formed 2nd Torpedo Boat Flotilla.
27-31.08.1941:   Escorted by the torpedo boats T2 and T11 , Hermann Schoemann returns to Germany.
13-14.09.1941:   T2 , T5 , T8 and T11 operate at the coast of Ösel and attack Soviet costal batteries.
21-23.09.1941:   The destroyers Z25 , Z26 and Z27 and the torpedo boats T2 , T5 , T7T8 and T11 are attached to the Baltic fleet to prevent an escape of Soviet ships into the Baltic Sea.
12-13.10.1941:   The torpedo boats T2 , T5 , T7 and T8 escort the light cruiser Köln during the operations at Dagö.
4-16.12.1941:   T2 , T4 , T7 , T12 and T14 escort the auxiliary cruiser Thor from Wilhelmshaven to Brest. T2 and T4 also escort the ship to La Rochelle.
25-26.01.1942:   T2 , T4 , T5 , T11 and T12 are transferred from St. Nazaire to Brest.
27.01.1942:   While doing trials in the Biscay, the battleship Scharnhorst is escorted by T2 , T4 , T5, T11 and T12 .
03.02.1942:   Torpedoboats T2 , T5 , T11 and T12 escort the battleship Scharnhorst during trials in the Biscay.
04.02.1942:   T2 , T5 , T11 and T12 escort the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen during engine tests und gunnery drills in the Biscay.
05-07.02.1942:   The afterward torpedo tubes are replacd with a quadruple 2 cm anit-aircraft guns.
08.02.1942:   Torpedo boats T2 , T4 , T5 , T11 and T12 are relocated to Le Havre.
12-13.02.1942:   Operation "Cerberus": On board of Z29 , the "Füher der Zerstöer" and the destroyers Richard Beitzen , Paul Jakobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn, Z25 and the torpedo boats T2T4 , T4 , T11 , T13 , T15 , T16 , T17 Seeadler , Kondor , Jaguar , Falke and iescort the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the Channel from Brest ot Germany.

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