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Torpedoboot 1940 - 1952  Torpedoboot 1935  Class

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06-07.11.1940:   Operation of the 1st and 2nd torpedo boat flotilla with T1 , T4 , T6 , T7 , T8 , T9 and T10 against costal shipping at the British east coast. The operation is cancelled after T6 is sunk after a mine hit near Aberdeen.
30.11-01.12.1940:   On its way into  the Atlantic, the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper is escorted by the torpedo boats T1 , T4 , T5 , T8 , T9 and T12 .
15.08.1941:   T2 , T4 , T5 , T7, T8 , T11 and T12 are attached to newly formed 2nd Torpedo Boat Flotilla.
22-24.11.1941:   T4 , T7 and T12 are sent to Cherbourg.
26-30.11.1941:   T4 , T7 and T12 escort the Auxiliary Cruiser Komet to Germany. During a British MTB attack, one boat is sunk by T4 .
04-16.12.1941:   T2 , T4 , T7 , T12 and T14 escort the auxiliary cruiser Thor from Wilhelmshaven to Brest. T2 and T4 also escort the ship to La Rochelle.
25-26.01.1942:   T2 , T4 , T5 , T11 and T12 are transferred from St. Nazaire to Brest.
27.01.1942:   While doing trials in the Biscay, the battleship Scharnhorst is escorted by T2 , T4 , T5, T11 and T12 .
05-07.02.1942:   The afterward torpedo tubes are replacd with a quadruple 2 cm anit-aircraft guns.
08.02.1942:   Torpedo boats T2 , T4 , T5 , T11 and T12 are relocated to Le Havre.
12-13.02.1942:   Operation "Cerberus": On board of Z29 , the "Füher der Zerstöer" and the destroyers Richard Beitzen , Paul Jakobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn, Z25 and the torpedo boats T2T4 , T4 , T11 , T13 , T15 , T16 , T17 Seeadler , Kondor , Jaguar , Falke and iescort the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the Channel from Brest ot Germany.
15-20.02.1942:   T4 , T5 and T12 are sent to the Trondheimfjord.
11-14.03.1942:   Richard Beitzen and T4 are ordered back to Germany.
13-17.07.1942:   T4 , T10 , T13 and T14 are sent to Le Havre.
20-22.07.1942:   Mine laying operations of the 3rd torpedo boat flotilla consisting of T4 , T10 , T13 and T14 in the British Channel.
15-16.08.1942:   T4 and T10 escort the support ships Uckermarck and Ermland between Royan and Pallice.
19-22.08.1942:   Unsuccessfull attempt of the support ship Uckermarck to break out into the Atlantic. The ship is escorted back to La Pallice by T4 , T10 , T13 and T14 .
01.10.1942:   T4 , T10 and T14 escort the support ship Lido in the Biscay.
13-17.10.1942:   T4 , T10 , T14 and T19 escort the auxiliary cruiser Komet through the Channel. THe ships are attacked by 9 British escort vessels and 8 British MTB. Komet is sunk after a torpedo hit, the torpedo boats return to Brest.
31.10-01.11.1942:  T4 , T12 , T13 , T21 and T22 are sent to the Biskay to meet the blockade runner Wismar . The search is abandoned as the ship cannot be found.
:   To be continued...

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  Thanks to:  L. Bashkirov  John J Markowski