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Von der Tann

Schlachtkreuzer 1910 - 1919  Von der Tann  Class

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May 1910:   Training and trials with shipyard crew.
01.09.1910:   Von der Tann is commissioned.
20.02-06.05.1911:   Voyage to South America, including a visit to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.
08.05.1911:   Attached to the 1st Reconnaissance Group.
20-29.06.1911:   Participation at the fleet parade in Spithead.
28.09.1911:   Von der Tann is assigned as flagship of the reconnaissance forces.
23.06.1912:   Repairs in Wilhelmshaven.
Aug 1914:   Part of the 1st Reconnaissance Group (1. Aufklärungsgeschwader) at the outbreak of the war.
31.07.1914:   Raid into the North Sea.
28.08.1914:   Unsuccessful search for British battlecruisers in the German Beight after the Battle at Helgoland.
02-03.11.1914:   Operation J1: Coastal bombardment of Yarmouth.
15-16.12.1914:   Operation J2: Coastal bombardment of Scarborough.
Mar - May 1915:   Operations in the Baltic Sea.
11-12.09.1915:   Operations in the North Sea.
19-20.101.1915:   Operations in the North Sea.
05-07.03.1916:   Operations at the Hoofoten.
24.04.1916:   Coastal bombardment of Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
31.05.1916:   Battle of Jutland: Von der Tann was hit four times but sinks the British BC Indefatigable . The ship had 35 wounded and 11 crew members were killed.
02.06-29.07.1916:   Repairs in Wilhelmshaven.
18-19.08.1916:   Unsuccessful raid in the North Sea.
25-26.09.1916:   Unsuccessful raid in the North Sea.
17-20.10.1916:   Unsuccessful raid in the North Sea.
13.11-23.12.1916:   Repairs after turbine damages.
23-24.03.1917:   Unsuccessful raid in the North Sea.
31.05-22.06.1917:   Repairs after turbine damages.
23-25.04.1918:   Unsuccessful raid in the North Sea.
24.11.1918:   Interned at Scapa Flow.
21.06.1919:   Scuttled by own crew.
07.12.1930:   Wreck raised.
-1934:   Broken down at Rosyth.

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