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Großer Kreuzer 1898 - 1920  Victoria Louise  Class

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20.04.1898:   Shipyard trials, during the return to Kiel, the ship rams the Linienschiff Baden .
23.07.1898:   Herta is commissioned.
18.09.1898:   Escort ship of the imperial yacht during its mediterranian voyage.
14.11.1898:   Sent to Genua for repairs.
26-27.11.1898:   The cruiser is damaged during a heavy storm.
11.04.1899:   Sent to South East Asia.
21.05.1899:   Arrival in Singapore.
08.06.1899:   Arrival in Tsingtau.
Nov 1899:   Visit to HongKong, repairs
Apr 1900:  

Visit to Japan.

Apr - May 1900:   Excercises together with Hansa , Kaiserin Augusta, Gefion and Irene near Tsingtau.
08.06.1900:   Arrival at Taku. Troops of the Herta join the operations against the Taku Fortress.
- Dec 1900:   Operations near Taku.
08-19.06.1901:   Visit to Kobe and Nagasaki.
25.03-05.05.1902:   Repairs in Uraga.
09.08.1902:   The ship is damaged in a heavy taifun.
Jan 1903:   Repairs in Nagasaki.
-Apr 1903:   Based in Tsingtau
31.12.1904:   Ordered back to Germany.
12.05.1905:   Arrived in Kiel, decommissioned.
1906-1908:   Refits in Kiel, the ship is equipped with new boilers and different armement. It is rebuild as a training ship.
07.04.1908:   Recommissioned.
24.06.1908:   Begin of a voyage to Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Mediterranian.
31.12.1908:   The Herta transports 20 tons of food to Messina which is badly damaged by an earthquake.
01.01.1909:   The ship heads for Neaples with 120 wounded on board.
23.01.1909:   Ordered back to Germany.
15.03.1909:   Arrival in Kiel.
05.06.-Jul 1909:   Training voyage in the Baltic Sea and Norway.
07.08.1909:   Visit to Ney York, followed by a trip to the Caribic.
08.03.1910:   Arrival in Kiel.
Summer 1910:   Training voyages to Norway and the Baltic Sea.
15.08.1910-07.03.1911:   Training voyage to the Mediterranian.
1911:   Training voyage to the Baltic Sea, Sweden and Norway.
21.08-1911-11.03.1912:   Voyage to the West Indies.
Aug 1912:   Voyage to the Azores.
Dec 1912 - Feb 1913:   Attached to the Mediteranian Division.
07.03.1913:   Arrival in Kiel.
-May 1913:   Repairs in Kiel.
29.05 - 03.08.1913:   Training voyage to Norway.
03.08.1913:   Arrival in Wilhelmshaven.
15.08.1913-13.03.1914:   Voyage to Halixax, Mexico and the Antilles.
02.06.1914 - Jul 1914:   Last training voyage to Norway and England.
Aug - Sep 1914:   Patrol duties in the Baltic Sea.
16.11.1914:   Decommissioned in Kiel. Used as a floating barrack in Flensburg until the end of the war.
06.12.1919:   Removed from fleet lists.
1920:   Scrapped  in Audorf.

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